Greetings Chaverim! I’m Jewish from birth on both sides. My maternal grandparents were frum (Yiddish for Orthodox or Hasidic Jews). My great-grandfather was a Kohen and a shochet for his community.

I forged my own path as a modern midrashist, darshanit and maggidah experienced in all PaRDeS levels of interpretation.

Judaism has never been static or stagnant. It has steadily changed and evolved from the beginning to current day.

There are 54 Torah Portions, called parashiyot in Hebrew. The full cycle is read over the course of one Jewish year, then we start all over again. A singular portion is a parashah, commonly called a parsha. Each parsha takes its name from the first distinctive Hebrew word or phrase in the portion, often located in the first verse.

Interpretive readings of the parashiyot by individuals is the heart and soul of Judaism and the pathway to expanded consciousness.

The Jewish sages said we are liberated from that which constricts us by achieving a state of mochin d’gadlut (expanded consciousness).

There is no right or wrong way to interpret Torah within a Jewish context. Individual interpretations and the PaRDeS levels of interpretation offer various ways to understand Torah and experience Divinity.

May we continue to enhance our understanding with the insights and higher consciousness of our present moments. A name for God in Judaism is Ein Sof (Without End). Like Divinity, the conversations are boundless and without end.

Divinity is Infinity.

© 2022 All Rights Reserved

More of work can be found on The Wild Pomegranate Tree. Pomegranates are highly symbolic in Judaism, as they are in many other cultures and belief systems.

15 thoughts on “ABOUT 54 PORTIONS (Soul Talk) AND ME

  1. Thank you for your profound honesty about the Akida. Most Rabbis gloss over the Akida and rationalize it. You explain in terms that reach me and probably many others. I have been concerned about the Akida most of my life and I was left unsatisfied with the Rabbi’s explanations. I felt as if they were gas lighting me. Finally, I have a real life Rebby, who is informative in a kind and compassionate way.

  2. I love you both for loving the jewish spiritual contributions. The more I receive the richer I get & the richer I can make all of those I love around me. AMEN!!

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