Chaiku” is a hybrid word I thought up when I started my first blog on Blogger in 1999. It all started with my passion for reading and writing haiku, tanka, senryu and gogyohka. Chaiku combines the Hebrew word chai (meaning LIFE!) with the concept of ku.

The word Chai and the number 18, its numerical value in Gematria, are highly significant in Judaism, used in countless aspects of Jewish life.

Ku a multi-layered Japanese word meaning: 1) Verse of poetry. 2) Expression or idiom. 3) Pain, suffering and hardship.

Ku (or Buddha Nature) is also one of The Three Truths in Buddhism. Ku is non-substantiality, meaning that which can not be perceived with the five senses or the grasping-self. Ku is latent potential and possibilities in flux. Ku holds space for wisdom, clarity and other qualities to develop.